Monday, February 10, 2020

Organization Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Organization Architecture - Essay Example Part of this is by making sure that Google feels like a small-business, no matter how large and successful the organization may be (â€Å"Jobs,† 2011). Google makes its employees number one by being open to anything that they may have to say. As employees can be a large part of any company’s success, it is important to take their views onboard tailor the workplace to suit their needs. Unlike other organizations, Google is a forward-thinking organization in that diversity is at the forefront of its employee recruitment policies. Google doesn’t just accept difference—they celebrate, support, and thrive on it so that their employees, products, and community can feel the feel effects of it (â€Å"Jobs,† 2011). Diversity in the workplace is becoming increasingly important in today’s modern business environment. Because Google is a well-recognized international organization that has business operations in a wide variety of companies, Google has to take a stand and be at the forefront of diversity in the workplace. Google is not just an equal opportunity workplace, but is rather an affirmative action employer (â€Å"Jobs† 2011). Google is one of the most open and transparent companies out there. Because of this, there is very little control in everyday business operations. Douglas Merrill, senior director of information technology at Google, commented: â€Å"We release a lot of products in beta because that’s the way we understand to interact with our clients† (Farber, 2005). This means that many Google products, when released, do not function as they should. One benefit of this is that Google users themselves can inform the company of any defects in any of their products. This way, Google does not have to employ anyone to check products before they are released to the market. One control that Google does use is their Project Database. This is not really a project tracking system, but rather a reporting sy stem that allows Google employees to check what work they themselves and other employees are currently doing (Farber, 2005). This system is run via an email posting that displays a list of bullet points (Farber, 2005). The good thing about this system is that other workers can check an employee’s output and detect any flaws that may be involved. However, this system is not fully perfect because much of the data that the system displays can be completely meaningless. According to the chief culture officer, Google’s culture focuses upon innovation and teamwork to produce the quality products. Stacy Savides Sullivan is one of the very few people who work at an organization with her position (Mills, 2007). Her main role is to make sure that the company’s distinctive culture is maintained while every employee feels satisfied. Google’s culture is based upon being a flat organization, very little hierarchy, and a collaborative environment (Mills, 2007). Google p romotes individuality among its employees and expects them to think quickly on their feet. Back in 2006, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided that Google’s culture was slipping away from its traditional values. This was when they came up with the idea of a chief culture officer to manage all of the conflicts that occur in the workplace. Culture is a very important part of the success of Google, so it is vital that this

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