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Summer Reading - 2774 Words

OUR SAVIOR NEW AMERICAN SCHOOL SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT 2012-2013 High School English 9th – 12th grade OSNAS students are required to read two novels if placed in an English Regular’s or Honor’s class and three novels if placed in an AP English class: Several grades will be given for the summer reading. ïÆ'Ëœ Dialectical response journals for each book (rubric attached). ïÆ'Ëœ Exams on the assigned novels within the first days of school. ïÆ'Ëœ In class essay questions on each of the novels. 9th Grade Regulars and Honors - Reading Assignment: 1. Fiction novel: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein *12 Dialectical Journal Entries 2. Nonfiction: A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins *12 Dialectical Journal Entries 10th Grade Regular and Honors - Reading†¦show more content†¦How do I know what text to discuss and what to comment on? Choose passages that speak to you. Consider the parts of the book that made you stop and reflect on what was read. Consider what you may highlight or annotate. Consider the text that may lead to thematic, character, or literary convention analysis. Make connections to the text (text-text, text-self, and text–world). Analyze the style of the text—reflect on elements like symbols, imagery, metaphors, point of view, etc. Apply the different literary critical approaches with which you are familiar. How many entries should I have? Look to see how many journal entries are required for your grade level on the page where your book is listed. Journal entry requirements are per book. You are all reading different books, of different lengths, and of different levels of potential analysis. The more you converse and analyze the text, the more you will be prepared with the essay assignment and test to follow in September. *This journal should be kept in a composition notebook that looks just like this one. You can use one composition notebook for all of the journal entries. Set up format and instructions for your Dialectical Journal entry is as follows for each book: ïÆ'Ëœ Refer to the assignment explanation on the previous page before beginning to journal. ïÆ'Ëœ The title of book and the author are placed at the top of the page for eachShow MoreRelatedEssay on Summer Reading756 Words   |  4 PagesTo follow a life of success, happiness, and fulfillment will always begin by observing ourselves, from finding inner peace, figuring out your purpose, and pursuing it through hard work with the passion to commit in to our goal that will shape up our life. Without persistence and hard work it is impossible to succeed. A life without direction could lead to a path of uncertainty and without contentment. Also a life without inner peace is a life without true happiness. To follow a life of success, happinessRead MoreThe Summer Reading Assignment Mindset1429 Words   |  6 PagesWhen I first read the email about the summer reading assignment Mindset, my expectations about what the book would be about completely differed from what it actually was. My thoughts were that it would only pertain to school and how to stay positive while going through college. After just five pages, I realized this books usefulness would stay with me for my entire life. When introduced to the fixed and growth based mindsets, I felt as though the growth based mindset defined my academic career thatRead MoreSummer Reading : Alas, Babylon865 Words   |  4 PagesEileen Guichard English Honors 1 Summer Reading: Alas, Babylon Questions- 1. The main conflict in the novel is ‘man vs. society.’ Randy was constantly put against the highwaymen. Randy really wanted and was trying to create peace and order in Fort Repose post nuclear attacks while the highwaymen was using violence to get everything they needed. 2. There are 2 subplots in this novel. The first one is when they flash to Mark saying goodbye to each other at the Omaha airport. The other subplot isRead MoreSummary Of Summer Reading Packet 1919 Words   |  8 PagesKassidy Neely Ms. Moya English Language Arts 1-2 Honors July 31, 2014 Summer Reading Packet 1) Scout admires Miss Maudie for her kindness, honesty and patient understanding of her, Jem and Dill. She sees the brighter side of things like when her house burned down, she said how she had always wanted to downsize; and how there was more room for her azaleas now that her garden was gone. She was only worried about her neighbors during this whole incident. 2) Atticus accepted the job to defend TomRead MoreMy Summer Reading Assignment1763 Words   |  8 PagesSt. Helena-Incarnation Catholic School, IMS Grade 8 Summer Reading Assignment Your summer reading assignment is to choose one of the following books, read the book in its entirety, and complete the activities. Your work is due the first day of school. It must be a book that you have never read before, either on your own or in class. Here are the choices: Holes by Louis Sachar Lyddie by Katherine Paterson A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park 1. You are encouraged to borrow the book from yourRead MoreSummer Reading Assignment: Shelleys Frankenstein934 Words   |  4 Pages Neshad L. Potts Ms. Marinell English 31 July 2012 English 11 Summer Reading Homework Interpretive 1. The point of view is told in narrative form first by Robert Walton and then switches to Victor Frankenstein. If the book was only told from one character’s point of view I think it would be less confusing. 2. The creatures view on society, justice and injustice is that he feels just will never be served. 3. The main themes in the novel are revenge and justice. 4. The role weather has in maintainingRead MoreEnglish II Honors : Summer Reading999 Words   |  4 PagesEnglish II Honors: Summer Reading In 1984, by George Orwell violence contributed to the plot by having three stages of reintegration. The stages are learning, understand, and to accept, Winston was forced to learn that 2+2=5 under torture, understanding that the party is good, and seeks power for its own. Winston accepts and understands the Party as he wishes the burden of torture on someone else who he loves, this allowed Winston to accept that the Party’s leader Big Brother is eternal and thatRead MoreUncle Tungsten Summer Reading Assignment1986 Words   |  8 PagesUncle Tungsten Summer Reading Assignment General Overview Uncle Tungsten is Oliver Sacks’s description of his early life filled with the logic, excitement, and anomalies of chemistry. In the beginning, Oliver Sacks is fascinated with metals and their properties, largely influenced by his Uncle Dave, who is better known as Uncle Tungsten. He asks Uncle Tungsten, his parents, and many others, questions about anything that intrigues him typically with chemistry in mind. Throughout his boyhood, heRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Summer Reading Assignment 1964 Words   |  8 PagesSummer Reading Assignment Introduction Summary: This book was created alongside History Channel s documentary series of the same topic. Even though they contain the same material, it is presented differently in both sources. While the documentary tends to focus on each day by itself, the book draws themes to tie together ten days in American history that changed the future of the nation. This book tries to bring to light the days in American history that are undervalued, in exchange for the largeRead MoreU.s. History Honors Summer Reading2423 Words   |  10 PagesU.S. History Honors Summer Reading 1. According to Ellis’s preface, explain what is so phenomenal about the founding of the United States? According to Ellis it is phenomenal that the United States decided to rule as a Republic. Never before in history has a new empire or country ruled as a Republic and succeeded except for the Roman Empire. Also the colonies had no strict adhesive keeping them together as a nation, but they still managed to survive. 2. Analyze what the author calls â€Å"the paradox†

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